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Friday , January 18 , 2002

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Hello! 12/17/01

Hey everyone! Just dropping in for a few quick things... first, I gots ta give a shout out to my boo- whassap girl, happy birthday, yo!

Second, I just want to thank everyone that's been coming to the site. I wish I could still do it daily but it's just far too much work for the quality strip I want to put out. Hopefully you won't forget me every 2 days when it's time to check out the next installment! Remember- every Monday (first day of work), wednesday (hump day!) Friday (weekends coming) and every other Sunday (um... just try to remember that one.)

I'm still not getting too many hits, though. So the 4 of you checking out ym site need to tell your friends about it! You gotta link me! Hook a bruva up! Soon I should have some nifty little gif images for you to use. I just want to get a few more people visiting so I know they'll be used! You do like the Steverino, don't you??

You can still check out that awesome wallpaper here....For windows just right click and choose "Set as wallpaper"!



Lastly, things over here are going well. Elaine and I just finished FF9 (yeah, finally) and it was AWESOME. And we're all set to go buy 10. And int he interim I've been playing III. Addiction? One might say so. One might not. Depends on who y ou ask. I shall leave you with that. PLUG THE SITE!!!!!!

He lives! 11/20/01

What's up everybody! Yeah, I'm still alive. Redoing the whole site with a ton of cool new features, back to the old school photograph background strips (or is that new school?) I know you all love! I've already got around 40 strips done, so this time I'm in it for the long haul! Although I'm not stupid- I'll decrease my work load a bit by updating 3-4 times a week (mon, wed, fri, every other sunday.)

New site coming December 3rd!


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